Planetary mixer lifter

The tilting lifter designed for the line PE tanks is essential to discharge the product, when it cannot be done using other means, such as pumps, etc. The lifter has a trolley-mounted, heavy duty structure with a stainless steel column, hydraulic lifting and reduction gearing system for manual tilting to enable total or partial discharge according to the user’s needs. The lifter can be supplied in two standard heights with a three-phase hydraulic control unit, while different heights and a direct current control unit (without power cable) and subsequent 12V battery are available on request.
Structure in electrowelded steel
Manual lifting
Height of discharge max 1500 mm
Horizontally pivoting discharging system
Lifting capacity max 100kg (bowl included)
Mounted on pivoting wheels
Standing Brake
Structure in electrowelded steel and column in stainless steel
Lifting with hydraulic piston and manual tilting with endless screw reducer for partial unloading
Wheel mounted for easy movement
Special tensions
Different bowls adjustment
Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Discarge (mm) Lifting capacity (kg)
SVP M1 (Manuale) 52 1500 100
SVP 1 1.5 320 400/3/50 1500 150
SVP 2 1.5 360 400/3/50 2000 150